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Great Team That Believed In The SOLO Mentality.

SOLO Scientific was founded by Paul Rosas aka… BrownGuy420 who has been in the cannabis and hemp market since 2008 when medical cannabis was legalized, he worked and promoted the legalization through social media channels. In 2015 Oregon legalized cannabis and Paul made the choice to move into the recreational cannabis space in 2016, Paul documented the entire process from start to finish from breaking ground to building the entire farm, this was the start of SOLO Farms. Unfortunately, this farm was short lived as Paul’s partners pulled the rug out from underneath him once the entire farm was built and operational, this was a crushing blow to Paul but in the determination to be successful in the industry he pushed on. In 2018 the hemp bill passed, and a new market emerged, and in 2019 Paul Rosas realized this market could reach to many more than just the state of Oregon where recreational cannabis was allowed so he made the transition into the hemp market and started manufacturing CBD derived products in 2020 to sell wholesale oils to anyone that wanted to establish a product brand. Paul achieved this goal with help from his crew, colleagues and customers.

The name SOLO came from the concept of working hard for others to achieve their goals to only see them fall to peril due to the lack of dedication and devotion to the plant and what it could do for people and with Paul’s dedication he said, “If you want it done right you have to do it SOLO”. This was the driving force to start his own company so he could further his dedication to this wonderful plant and watch people enjoy the products made from his oil. In a short time though Paul realized that to build something great you can’t do it yourself, but he would have to build a great team that believed in the SOLO mentality.

SOLO-CBD would then be born from finally establishing a brand that was started from the success of our manufacturing arm of the company. Since SOLO was able to establish a successful manufacturing arm it allowed us to make and bring you our groundbreaking products that we’re offering to you. SOLO is not only passing the manufacturing savings to you the customer, but we are offering the consumer higher milligram products that have never been seen on the market to date that are 5 to 10 times more effective than the current industry leading products. Here at SOLO, we know that we’re not ran by just one person anymore, but we work as one truly dedicated team to help our end users enjoy the best quality life through our products! We are honored to be able to offer our savings and quality products finally to you the consumer and we deeply appreciate you!

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